Friday 26 June 2015

Aravind's record on the Guinness website

Aravind's Guinness World record of "Longest number sequence memorized in one minute" has been updated on the Guinness Records website.

Guinness Record holder Aravind

Guinness World Records has accepted Aravind's evidence and he is a new Guinness Record holder on the category "The longest number sequence memorized in one minute (Binary)"

Guinness World Records London office has sent him the certificate.

Aravind's Guinness Record Attempt

On 3rd of April 2015, Aravind attempted a Guinness World Records on the "Longest numbers sequence memorized in one minute (Binary)" at Kasthuri Srinivasa Art Gallery, Coimbatore in front of all the major national media journalists.
He successfully memorized 270 binary numbers in one minute and recalled one by one in the correct order.
He made this attempt to create awareness among the students that any difficult subjects can be learned in less time with some training on study skills.